The Arkana Amazon lodge is a jungle paradise located 4 hours from Iquitos, with stunning views & sounds of the surrounding lush jungle.

You can only get to Arkana Amazon Lodge by taking a tranquil boat ride on the Ucayali River. Similar to our neighboring village, Libertad, Arkana Spiritual Center is built entirely on stilts, giving the appearance of floating on water when the river rises during rainy season.

ceremonial moloca

We have a large ceremonial maloca where we conduct our Ayahuasca, Kambo (frog venom), and Nunu (Rape') & Sapo (Bufo, Toad Medicine) ceremonies.

Every person will have their own mat for their entire retreat in the maloca, in addition to a bedroom with a mosquito net. The maloca is also enclosed with double netting around the outside, as well as lining the short walk to the bathrooms.

Relax during the daytime, converse with fellow participants and facilitators, and gather together in ceremony throughout the week.

sacred space

This sacred space is also where guests can participate in pranayama breathwork sessions, sound baths, and guided meditations.

Each morning after ceremony, join together with your fellow travelers & facilitators as you share your experience from the night before with the group and shamans, who can help you process your ceremony and set your intention for the next one.

Some people choose to sleep in the sacred moloca space after a long night of Ayahuasca. It's actually a very enjoyable space to sleep in and it feels good to stay with your group.

In addition to the large ceremonial space, our waterfront jungle “treehouse”, as it’s lovingly called. It has many areas to explore and find the best space for your healing process.

Take a nap in our secondary “hammock” maloca, enjoy the river vista from our spacious front porch, get to know your fellow journeyers over a game of ping pong or during yoga class in our fully-equipped gym, or take some much-needed personal time on the platform of our ‘meditation’ tree.

For those who wish to expand their literary boundaries, we have a small library of books that gets regularly added to by generous guests seeking to pass on a good read. Enjoy everything from Kurt Vonnegut to Eckhart Tolle, or borrow one of our tablets to watch a stimulating documentary or listen to plant medicine music.

The evenings after ceremonies are filled with the peaceful sounds of the Ucayali River and surrounding floodplain. Arkana Amazon Spiritual Center accommodates our guests in authentic Peruvian Amazon style.

Each bungalow has a panoramic view of the surrounding Amazon jungle. You can enjoy some peaceful rest in your bungalow, or in the maloca with your fellow tour participants. 

The rooms have thatched roofs and, like the rest of our Center, sit on three meter stilts above the jungle floor. Private shower and toilet facilities are located within a minute’s walk from each bungalow.  Mosquitos are a reality of the Amazon, so each of our beds are equipped with netting.

Retreat participants who visit the Center on their own will be assigned either one or two roommates, depending on the size of the bungalow.  If you’re traveling with a friend, husband or wife, please let us know, and we will ensure you can room together.  The majority of the healing experience is done with the group, so don’t be shy.  You’re bound to make friends here so enjoy the process – the sharing is part of the fun! That said, if you would be more comfortable with a private single occupancy bungalow, let us know, and we can accommodate this at an additional cost, based on availability.

Whatever your comfort level, we have the space for you, with just enough love and support to help you push yourself beyond it, if you so desire. We strive to create an open space that is close to nature, protected yet thoroughly intertwined with our sacred rainforest, for you to open up to the teachings of the plants, connect deeply with yourself and each other, and join together in a commitment to healing, to the process, to vulnerability, and to truth.