The process of Ayahuasca healing doesn’t end with the close of ceremony. What you do with the lessons you learned and the healing you received is what really determines authentic growth, and as a result, integration is as much – if not more – important than the ceremonies themselves.

The earlier you can start to take action on the lessons learned, the better. This includes maintaining a healthy diet, practicing a still mind, connecting to those who will promote your process, taking time for yourself, and engaging fully with the intentions you set for your healing journey. 

At Arkana Ayahuasca Spiritual Centers, we provide the tools and environment necessary to begin your integration work while you are with us, offering group discussions in between ceremonies to help you understand your experience and learn from others’; following a healthy and delicious Ayahuasca-friendly diet; holding yoga and meditation practices; providing opportunities to connect with your tribe and nature during our guided jungle excursions; and always being available to discuss your experience with you and help you elucidate the lessons and insights from your time with us (both in and out of ceremony).

We also let you know that the really hard work starts when you get home.

There is no doubt that upon your return to your normal life, you will face challenges that test your experience with the medicine. In the Shipibo culture, our shamans often refer to this as the plants “testing” us, and seeing if we truly did learn the lessons we were taught, to earn the growth that we’ve gained. We will face opportunities where we are at a crossroads between choosing to act as our old self, or implementing those lessons and maintaining the awareness that allows us to choose differently this time.

This is why we have implemented our Post-Retreat Integration Program (PRIP), in addition to guidelines and suggestions which help you maintain your connection to the medicine. Through PRIP, we offer free consultations with our transition coordinator, who can help you address and navigate the sometimes murky waters of how to approach your healing process back home, enact healthy habits that you can maintain, share your experience with others, and learn more about plant medicines and shamanism if you’d like to continue on that path.

You can continue to check in with us in the weeks and months following your retreat, as you gain further insights and overcome hurdles with the wisdom gained during your time at Arkana. We are honored to provide support for your whole process, before, during, and after your retreat with us.