The indigenous wisdom of the Amazon celebrates the interconnectedness of all things, and considers the act of sharing along with a collective, communal mindset to be the keys to a balanced and healthy life.

In the effort to embody the teachings and spirit of the Amazon and its people, we strive to make every aspect of Arkana Ayahuasca Spiritual Center a positive force for good. With the profits from your retreats with us, plus the individual help and generosity of many amazing people that come through and feel called to donate extra, we’ve been able to realize a wide variety of projects and initiatives, both for the Amazon as a whole and for our neighboring villages. 


We work closely with our local community, the Amazonian village of Libertad, to ensure that we can give back to the people who have so generously let us into their homes and hearts.

We create employment opportunities, teach free English classes, provide a space for the ladies to sell their handmade crafts, and assist in construction projects, among other things.

Our latest endeavor is outfitting the entire village with free solar panels, so every house can have light and electricity. When you join us, you are helping the rainforest and the Amazon communities that live here.

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Dear Friends, this is your page. It is dedicated to your beautiful creations, be it a poem, a song, a drawing, or anything else that you felt inspired to create from the sacred medicine. 

We love art and we truly appreciate and value when people connect with the creative power within them and share their beautiful creations with the rest of the world.

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