Arkana Spiritual Center prides itself on bringing together a highly-qualified & diverse staff

Your time with us will feel like a welcoming into a new family. All of our staff have extensive experience working with the medicines they facilitate & are extremely dedicated to this sacred work.


Jose is an adventurous entrepreneur at heart and father of five, is the driving force behind Arkana’s operations and growth initiatives. Originally from Mexico, Jose grew up in a conservative middle class home.. 
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Shantanu was born and raised in Mexico City, but left home at the age of 16 to continue his contemplative journey to learn about the path to the soul.. 
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General Manager, Cecilia

Cecilia has walked a very eclectic path. Originally from Mexico City, she has also lived in England, Portugal and the Netherlands, from the year 2000 until 2015.. 
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Through out her life she has picked up knowledge and gained work experience in Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic food, Radionic vibrational medicine, & Organic agriculture...
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MEDICAL INTAKE coordinator, rafa

Since 2013, Rafa has been working with Arkana in different capacities. Most recently, he has acted as the medical intake coordinator. 
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Pamela’s mission at Arkana Spiritual Center is to teach & serve with humbleness, and holding space with love. Pamela is originally from Mexico City. From a very young age she felt the call from spirit which she found in nature, art and dancing... 
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Facilitator, robert

Robert first found himself through his passion of inline skating in the streets of Northern California. This passion was essentially also his first spiritual/religious experience as it required him to develop characteristics such as faith, trust, devotion, patience, persistence..
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Facilitator, weronka

Weronka is originally from Poland. Four years ago she came to South America and her life entered a tremendous change as she began working with plant medicines. She stepped into the path of profound self-inquiry and conscious transformation... 
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Facilitator, craig

After being at breaking point after working in the very lucrative mining industry in Australia for 6 years and developing a bag of bad habits, a faithful decision in 2015 lead Craig to start working with the medicine of San Pedro.. 
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