Learn more about our Taxi Pick-Up and Airline info while you are in Peru for each of our Arkana Ayahuasca Spiritual Retreat Lodges, in the Amazon & Sacred Valley.


The only retreat where flights from Cusco to Iquitos are included is the 14 day Machu Picchu Amazon Expedition.

For the 14 day Machu Picchu Amazon Ayahuasca Expedition, we will arrange the flights for you between Cusco & Iquitos, as long as you arrive on Day 1 of the retreat and depart on Day 14, of the scheduled retreat dates. If you depart The Sacred Valley Retreat after or before this paticular retreat ends, you will then have to arrange your own airport transfer from Cusco to Iquitos for that day. At the end of this retreat we bring you back to Iquitos, leaving the center around 1pm at no extra cost.

Airport transfers between Cusco & Iquitos are NOT included in any of the other retreats. Guests are responsible to pay for their flights to Peru, and to arrive on time to the meeting location which is stated in your order confirmation, which is by 9:00am on Day 1 of your retreat. Please see below for detailed Taxi and Airport transportation for all other retreats at each separate retreat location.


Arkana Amazon Taxi & Airport information

We recommend for you to arrive at least one day before your retreat begins and depart at least one day after your retreat ends.

This will help you avoid any unnecessary stress related to flight delays, fatigue after a long flight, baggage delays, etc. You will arrive ahead of time, get settled into your hotel, get enough rest and have some time to explore the city of Iquitos before we depart to the jungle.

For all of the Arkana Amazon retreats, guests are responsible for getting transportation from the airport in Iquitos to the "La Casona Hotel" to sleep that Saturday night. Then on Sunday at 9am, we meet at the courtyard and introduce ourselves.

After the intro talk, we will leave around 10am on a van to Nauta, the port town. (We stop mid-way for lunch). At the port, we take the boat for 1.5 - 2 hours to the Arkana Amazon Ayahuasca Spiritual Center Lodge.

If passengers get delayed, a van is scheduled for them, under their coverage, same with a boat.

Towards the end of the retreat, you will have an opportunity to have last group dinner in Iquitos with your newly acquired friends, before you part ways. It’s nice to stick around for this occasion, as people bond with each other deeply during the retreat.

There are also interesting people to see in Iquitos, such as Maria-Luisa, aka “the bone crusher” for example, who is gifted with an ability to align your entire bone structure. It hurts, but so worth it!

If you need to arrive on Day 1 of your retreat, and depart on last day, then please be sure to land in Iquitos NO LATER than 7:30am on Day 1, and fly out NO EARLIER than 7:00pm on the last day of your retreat. 

If you land around 7:30am, you would normally have enough time to get to the meeting location by 9:00am, because it’s only 20-25 minutes away from the airport.

We suggest for you to then depart after 7:00pm on the last day, because it takes us about 5 hours to get to the city of Iquitos from the retreat centre Therefore, if your departing flight is booked before 7:00pm, you will not be able to make it.

Arkana Sacred Valley Taxi & Airport information

For all of the Arkana Sacred Valley retreats, there will be an airport pickup with our personal driver on Day 1 of your retreat at 11am.

The driver will be waiting for you outside the Cusco Airport, holding a very large sign which say's "Arkana Spiritual Center". Go with him, he will take you safely directly to the center.

The rest of the group for your retreat will also be there waiting for him, and you will all drive/arrive together to the center. Its about an hour and half ride to the center from the airport.

If you arrive at a different time on Day 1 or don’t want to wait for the pickup time, we can arrange your pickup with one of our trusted cab drivers, and you will only be responsible for the cab fare ($30-35).

If you book your flights to arrive before Day 1, there is an option to go straight to the Center the day before the retreat starts (subject to availability), if you would like to try to avoid altitude sickness (our Center is lower in altitude than Cusco). If you would like to do this, the cost would be $95/night + taxi fee of $30-35/car. We will arrange the pickup with our preferred driver. 

You can depart the retreat for Cusco any time after 1pm on the last day of your retreat.

booking your flights within peru

When you book your flight from Lima to Iquitos, we recommend flying with these trusted airlines: LAN Peru, StarPeru, Peruvian Airlines or Avianca.

You may also choose to buy your ticket once you are in Peru or through a travel agent in Peru, or even at Lima Airport. The costs of buying your ticket on the internet is a bit more expensive (especially with LAN Peru). When you book your flight outside Peru, prices can be double. So if you are traveling on the tight budget, you might want to check other options.

money advice for Peru

We recommend you to bring some cash and convert most of it into Peruvian Soles. Everything will cost more, and may cause problems if you try to use money from your country.

If you decide to bring cash, bring the nicest, crispiest and newest bills – the standards for high quality dollar bills in Peru are very particular. For instance, they won´t take a bill if it has a tiny tear or if it´s old, or if it´s rugged. If they do take it, they will charge you a commission. Traveler checks are an option, but they will charge commission for those as well. There are ATMs in Iquitos and Cusco, but you are limited on the daily withdrawal, it may sometimes give you some trouble.

We can't stress enough how you need to take care of your personal safety in this region. Please don’t trust the people who might approach you saying they are our friends or work for us, asking you for money. Our Taxi Pick-Ups will let you know who they are by holding our "Arkana Spiritual Center" sign. Don't go with anyone else. And no money should be asked for this taxi service. They should also only take you directly to our center or a hotel. You can ask them to stop along the way to exchange your money to Peruvian Soles, if you need to do this and did not have time to do so at the airport.